Friday, December 3, 2010

Beijing Colourful Night Life

If you have ever a chance to travel in Beijing, you may find that time is limited.Because there are so many things deserve to try. Actually, you will get a perfect Beijing tour if you make a good use of your night time during your short stay in Beijing. Beijing’ night life is colourful with many styles to meet your different demands.

Kungfu Show

Chinese Kung Fu is one of the most famous examples of traditional Chinese Culture with a history of thousands years. In centuries past, Kung Fu has developed into many systems and styles. The most famous systems include Shaolin Temple system and Mt. Wudang System. You must have seen films

concerning theme of Kongfu, known something about master of Chinese Kongfu such as Bruce Lee, the film star Jacky Chen and Jet Li.But when you sitting in the seat of the theater, I am sure you will feel the perfect show as well as the strong atmosphere of Chinese Kung Fu Culture which are different feeling from TV. This is the must-go program in your tour in Beijing. The most famous place to see Kongfu is the Red Theater. More information about Kongu at Beijing Kungfu Show.

Beijing opera

Beijing opera is a unique traditional Chinese art form blending with Chinese Kongfu, singing and dancing. It is wold famous not only for its perfect performance but also for its various face expression. The most famous Beijing opera performers are Meilanfang, Shangxiaoyun, Chengyanqiao and Xunhuisheng. Thanks to them, that making Beijing Opera popular domestic and abroad. Beijing is the hometown of Beijing opera, any Beijing tour without Beijing opera would be incomplete. There are some nice Theaters in Beijing: Liyuan Theater, Chang’an Grand Theater, Huguang assembly Hall and Meilanfang the Great Theater.

Acrobatic show

Acrobatics is a traditional art form with a histroy of more than 2000 years. Initially, it is developed out of the labor and self-defense skills practiced by the populace as a way of earning. As time goes on, acrobatics gradually developed into a performance art. Chinese Acrobatic is marvelous in which the performers depend on each other's skill and timing. It is a great program for your travel in Beijing. Because it is truly a memorable experience. Beijing Tiandi Theatre and Chaoyang Theater are the best places to enjoy the Acrobatic show. Any question about this,please consult at Acrobatic Show.

Bars in Beijing

If you just wanna to have a drink after a day’s travel/working, there are places for you. Houhai bar (back lake) area and Sanlitun bar area would definitely satisfy you. Houhai bar area, with a history almost 900 years, is one of Beijing's most famous travel scenic areas with many old buildings, traditional Hutongs and courtyards surround the lakes. Nowadays, various style bars concentred there and become a great place to spend your night there.

Traditional Massage

Traditional Chinese Medicine is world famous for its magic function without any side effect to people’s health. So does as the Traditional Chinese Massage with a medical method of Tuina. There are many options available for massage and spa in Beijing. The foot bath massage is Beijing's specialty. Nothing could be more enjoyable than a foot reflexology after a whole day travel. Here are some best massage and spa centers in Beijing: Oriental Taipan Massage and Spa, 99 Massage & Spa Center, Aixin Massage Keep-fit Center,etc. More information,just consult at Beijing Massage

Come on, join in the local people’s colourful nightlife here!

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