Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tips standard/advice when travelling China

Nowadays, more and more people come to travel China with the promoting of this country’s international state.
Before starting their China tour, people will take these things into consideration as below:
1. Which cities should be included in your tour schedule, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shangrila, Shanghai, HK or Tibet?
2. What's the weather in the period during your stay in China, what kind of clothes you should prepare for?
3. Do you need to give tips to the tour guide and the driver, if to, what's the standard of the tips? How much you should offer?
4. Hereby, I will share some the tips information to the service staffs when you travelling in China.
Of course, according to established regulation, tourists should give tips to people who serves you and the amount is depend to you, also depend their service quality. Usually, the standard of tips are supposed to be USD45/Day/Guide, USD20/Day/Driver. To be honest, giving tips to the guide and the driver is a way to show respect to them, the recognition of their work. They don’t care very much the amount you give them, but the attitude you towards to them.
Hope this article can be helpful for people planning to travel China.


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