Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tibet Travel Guide

Tibet Travel Guide is dedicated to provide the general information you want to know about Tibet. These Tibet regional guide will enrich your knowledge about different parts of this holy land. At the same time, here you can find detailed information about the featured travel attractions such as Potala Palace and Mt.Everest. As most Tibet travel guide books say, it takes a year or even a lifetime to explore this pure paradise. As soon as you step onto this mysterious land and follow the tracks of the pilgrims, you will not only be immediately attracted by the snow-clad peaks, the wonderful mountains and rivers, but also the brilliant Tibetan culture and the unique, mysterious customs of the highland. Tibet travel is famous for its imposing scenery, culture and history, which firmly rooted in Tibetan religion. Hope Tibet Travel Guide will benefit when you planning your Tibet trip/tour. Below is the 7 regions of Tibet. Click them for the details.

Lhasa Travel Guide, Shigatse Travel Guide, Nyingchi Travel Guide

Lhokha Travel Guide, Ngari Travel Guide, Chamdo Travel Guide

Nagqu Travel Guide


  1. Travel to Tibet is famous for its magnificent scenery, culture and history that is firmly rooted in the religion of Tibet.

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    1. Hi guys,

      This post is really helpful. Tibet is one of the world's highest cities with beautiful high plateau scenery to travel. It is also a hotspot for all tourists. Its long history gives this city a strong cultural heritage, especially in respect of Buddhism. Thanks for the tips it gives me more information about it.

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