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Travelling in China

Travelling to China does not seem too crazy today. You can reach every places inside China even the smallest village. Thus, a travel agency makes is much more easier than thravelling all by yourself. The classic tour for travelling the whole China will be Beijing-Xian-Shanghai-Guilin and at last ended up in HongKong. It’s a really completely tour of China. In Beijing, for it’s capital, you can see both the traditional city and modernlized of China. In Xi’an, the Chinese wonder Terra-cotta worriers and the encient city wall. In Shanghai, a metropolitan city of China. All the high buildings and developed factories are settle down here. In Guilin, a cruise trip on Yangtze River must be a different taest than on the sea. In Hongkong, you can buy a lot of cheap stuff and you will be never tierd of shopping. But it could be the others as wherever you would like to travel. We are always be here to help.
Beijing Tour
Beijing, the gateway to China, has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Having served as the capital of the country for more than 800 years, Beijing is the nation's political, cultural, scientific, international trade and communication center as well as a key transportation hub. The long history and profund culture have endowed Beijing with incomparable charm.
Xi’an Tour
Want to explore the civilization of ancient China, travel to Xian. Xian, named "Chang'an" during the Han Dynasty, is the capital of Shaanxi Province, which lasted an amazing 1,608 years. There are 13 dynasties placed their capital here in China's history, which makes Xian to be the most famous ancient city beyond comparison.
Shanghai Tour
Taking a travel to Shanghai, perhaps China would not be so mysterious as mentioned in the most guide books. Shanghai, as one of the modern cities located in the middle of China's east coastline, is called "Hu" or "Shen" for short in Chinese. The city is famous for its first ranking for the high density of population in this area, the most comprehensive commercial city and one of the import and export cities in China, which earns a good reputation for the "Oriental Paris" and "Pearl of China".
Guilin Tour
Guilin is famous for the green mountains and crystal clear water, which make the city to be a vivid Chinese painting. Yangshuo scenery, Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Longsheng Terraced Field are the sites that you can't miss in the city. Also, you can enjoy the abundant minorities in the city. Each minority has its own designed customs, festivals and culture and hospitality to the guests who travel here.
Hong Kong Tour
Hong Kong is a truly amazing travel destination! Hong Kong is situated in Southern China, just 32 km east of the Pearl River and 135 km southeast of Guangdong Province. The city is made up of four sections: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories, and 260 surrounding islands. Hong Kong enjoys a subtropical climate, with reasonable temperatures for half the year, cool, dry winters and humid summers.
I’m sure you can find one you like in our colorful webside. Anywhere you like to travel, any place you would like to stay. Our stuff will always be here to help. Forthur more, if you would interested of travel tibet, let us be the first in line.

China Panda Tour

Panda, regarded as the national emblem of China, is going to make your China tour this time a special one. This specially designed theme tour of Pandas will provide you the most comprehensive and close-up encounters with panda by visiting Chengdu, the home of Giant Pandas as well as the world-famous historic and culture relics there for your entire tour impression. The giant Panda, an easily recognized animal with the distinctive black patches around the eyes and across its round body, is the universal symbol for the conservation of wildlife. In this Chengdu Tour, you will experienced not only the giant panda but also some tourists’ attractive place such as Jiuzhaigou, or other city surounded. Take a cruise on the Yangtze River will be another relax day to complete your China Tour.

Panda live in the mountain ranges of the central provinces in China. Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan provice, is known as the natural home of the Panda and features the world famous Panda research center. The China panda tour provides a rare opportunity to visit the Giant Panda Research Base or the Breeding Center in Chendgdu. It also allows you to explore their natural habitat and discover the magnificent but often illusive animals in the wild. In addition, the tour package will also lead you to visit the major tourist sites within Chengdu as well as in Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai.

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China Ice Festival & Ski Vacation

China Ice & Ski Tour is a fantastic winter getaway taking you to unique northern Chinese cities to experience a snowy China. No matter you are an experienced skier or just only a beginner seeking for fun, there's no problem to take advantage of the snow season and winter tours in China. With a whitened horizon, you will be amazed by the special charm and elegance of the historic sites in ancient China's two most famous cities, Beijing and Shanghai. Besides, the annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival will turn the city into a land of fairy tales. In winter, the most welcoming activities in China are the skiing and ice skating and the most popular places must be the northeast cities of China, such as: Harbin, Changchun, Jilin and Shenyang.

The northern part of China is really close to the Russia, it’s cold and have the best quality of the Ski Resorts and they have a impressive Ice festival in winter time. It is definitely a worthy place to travel in one of those China Tour. And this one, you can conbine with Beijing Tour and Shanghai Tour. In this way, you may experience both the north and the south of China.

Harbin, the city famous for its piercing wind and cold temperature in winter, hold the annual Ice Exhibition for the exquisite and well designed ice sculpture and ice lantern, which is made of the ice from the famous Songhua River. The winter makes it holding couple of the best ski resorts in China. Tour China in winter, enjoy the advantages in the low season with few tourists, cheap tickets, and yet much to see and to do. We provide elaborate itineraries with our great China winter tour packages, there is nothing to worry about as we will be you hands during the whole winter vacation in China. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your China ski and ice tours right now for this winter!

Travelling in Beijing

The classic way of travelling Beijing are those highlights tour for several days. The places you probably heard a lot in Beijing are Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Ming Tomb and different section of the Great Wall. But there are way more to see for such a impressive Beijing Tour.

Acrobatic Show & Kongfu Show
Acrobatics is a traditional art form in which the performers depend on each other's skill and timing. It is a great program for your travel in Beijing. Chinese acrobatics is said to have started during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) two thousand years old. It is believed that it developed out of the labor and self-defense skills practiced by the populace during their leisure time. As the world infrastructure developed, acrobatics gradually developed into a performance art.

Chinese Kung Fu is one of the famous examples of traditional Chinese Culture with a history of thousands years. The theory of Kung Fu is based on classical Chinese philosophy, to promote good moral character, nourishes the spirit and fosters proper temperament. Thanks to the great influnce of the American movie industry, Chinese Kung Fu was introduced abroad by Chinese- American Kung Fu master Bruce Lee, the film star Jacky Chen and Jet Li.

Beijing Hutong & Bell and Drum Tower & Shichahai Area & Prince Gong's Mansion
Beijing hutong and the courtyard are the real culture of old Beijing. Hutong refers to the typical narrow streets or alleys formed by lines of siheyuan, traditional courtyard residences. It is the winding Beijing hutongs other than the high-rise buildings and skyscrapers that are more attractive to those who travel here to fathom the real old Beijing and the local life.

The Bell Tower of Beijing is located in the northern downtown of the city, at the end of the central axis of the imperial city to the north of Di'anmen. As an ancient timepiece, the Bell Tower attracts hundreds of people to travel to witness its significance. The Bell Tower was the timepiece, together with the Drum Tower, during Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Prince Gong's Mansion, also known as Gong Wang Fu, is located to the northwest of the Forbidden City close to Shichahai Lake in the central part of Beijing. It is one of the most ornate and extravagant residence prince's residence compounds of all in Beijing, definitely a popular place of interest to travel or visit. Originally built in 1777, Prince Gong's Mansion was once the residence of Heshen, the favorite minister of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.

Beijing Capital Museum & Liulichang Cultural Street & 798 Art District
The new Capital Museum is one of the new travel spots in Beijing. It opened to the public on May 18, 2006. Located along the western extension of Changan Street. The Capital Museum has become a culture window of Beijing with its unique architecture, abundant exhibitions, advanced technology and complete functions, ranking one of the best museums worldwide. The main buildings include the Rectangular Exhibition Hall, the Oval Exhibition Hall and the quadrate Office and Scientific Research Building.

Liulichang Cultural Street Market is a fun stroll and specializes in all kinds of Chinese crafts and art works, located in southwest of Qianmen and near to the Hepingmen Gate. Most foreigners love to visit Liulichang Cultural Street when they travel to Beijing. The 800 meters long east-west street is a traditional market of old and rare books, antiques, paintings, calligraphy and arts & crafts. It is one of two streets that still keep the appearance of a Qing Dynasty market street and a cool place for those who want to shop or just have a look at the street and architectures.

798 Art District is often called the 798 Art District, 798 Art Zone or Factory 798. It is an attractive travel spot in Beijing and a new rising, avant-garde and trendy space that hosts high-level cultural, artistic and commercial activities, located in Dashanzi Art District which is the site of state-owned factories including Factory 798, which originally produced electronics.

The marvolous China Tour included not only Beijing, but also other fantastic places. Welcome to join us, we promiss you a different tour in China.

Tianjin Home Port Transfer Service

Tianjin Home Port Transfer Service for Our guests is that we will pick you up from Xingang Port Terminal upon cruise arrival, holding a name (or tour) sign. When you get off the cruise, you will easily find the sign. The guide will wait for you after your clear the customs and then escort you to get out of the pier and find your vehicle. Then transfer to your preferred destination. Either in Tianjin or Beijing city. For most of our guests, Beijing is a definitely attractive place to visit. We will present our best Xingang Port-Beijing Transfer service. Xingang Port Transfer Service for Departure Guests Our guide will contact you one day earlier to confirm departure time and settle down the best time and place to pick you up in Beijing City according to your own tour plan. Then transfer to Xingang Port Terminal. The guide will accompany you and help you to board the ship.

The other budget way for our guests’ Tianjin Home Port Transfer is Coach Transfer. Tianjin Cruise Home Port-Beijing Coach Transfer is a specially offer of your budget Coach Transfer from Tianjin Cruise Home Port (Xingang) to Beijing, for those who are looking for cruise pick-up and bus transfer service direct from Tianjin Pier Terminal to your hotel in Beijing. Xingang Port has celebrated its transformation of being Tianjin International Cruise Home Port in northern China since June, 2010. Many world-faomous cruise ships, including Diamond Princess, Royal Caribbean, Costa Classica, have Tianjin in their Asia itineraries to embark, disembark or as a port of call. About 100,000 international tourists are estimated to be brought to Tianjin via those cruise ships. Your stop in Xingang Port will be a good chance to visit the nearby Beijing.
Of  Course, firstly you may want to have a look around Tianjin City as your first stop. Tianjin Tour and Beijing Tour can be linked together for saving more time.Xingang Port to Beijing Transfer is one of our best service but not the end! We will continuly offered our best service of your Beijing Tour. You do not have to worried anything when you arrived in a totally different country from your hometown. We will arrange hotel, private van and a tour excellent guide. We will do anything that you required. For Beijing is a charming and dynamic capital, is just the perfect place to have a tour of lifetime to see China's incredible ancient past and exciting present.

If this is far not enough, we got China Tour for you as well. If there is any place you are interested in, a brand new tailor-made itinerary will soon dilivered to your e-mail for your trip in China!

After China open to the whole world, which part of here that you want to see the most but hardly to get. Well, Tibet definitely the one. If you wanna enjoy a special spiritual Tibet Tour, we are always here for help!

Acute Mountain Sickness In Tibet

Tibet Tour is full of mysterious and unique culture, attracting all the guests from the world coming to join. It is one of the most adventurous, scenically stunning and physically demanding tours in the world. Touring Tibet, meeting it’s people, learning about its culture, visiting the majestic Potala Palace and beautiful Norbulingka Park, or trekking up to the Mt. Everest Base camp…all of these items made Tibet travel as one of dreams in one’s life. However, not everyone has the chance to fulfill their dreams.

The first and the most important obstacle is the Mountain Sickness. Acute Mountain Sickness is an illness that can affect mountain climbers, hikers, skiers or travelers who climb too fast. It usually occurs when people rapidly reach a high altitude (typically above 8,000 feet or 2,400 meters). Due to the decreasing availability of oxygen, it is very common to occur at high altitudes. Since most places in Tibet are higher than 3000 meters, most people will experience one or more AMS symptoms upon their arrival in Tibet, including headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of appetite and disturbed sleep.

So, it is a pity for people who have problems like anemia or hypertension, heart problems, respiratory problems and other illness of lungs, liver or kidney. These kind of people should not travel Tibet.And for people who are suitable to make a tour in Tibet,also need do something to avoid the AMS. You’d better do don’t do strenuous exercises, avoid alcohol and drink extra fluids and eat more vegetable and fruit.

Highlights of China Tour

China is a destination that has simply so much to offer its visitors who often return home with unforgettable memories of this unique country. The different regions and cities of China have their own unique selection of sights and sounds that would fascinate you regardless of whether you are into nature, architecture, culture, shopping or food. To plan your China tour well and select the right tour for you, you have to figure out what you are most keen to see in your limited time there. While there can be infinite possibilities on where you can choose to tour, here are my recommendations for three must-see places.

A. Touring the majestic Great Wall of China

Great Wall is no doubt one of China’s most visited and much raved about destinations. The sheer grandeur of the longest defense wall in the world, and the fact that it was constructed over several dynasties is sure to impress you if you have not seen it up close. You can visit a number of sections of the Great Wall which have been opened to public access, each possessing its own unique scenery. The Badaling section is probably the most visited by tourists due to it being accessible via only an hour’s drive from the capital Beijing. The terrain is generally friendly for walking, while the views from the top are simply incomparable. If you are rugged and adventurous, you can take a hike between the Simitai and Jinshanling sections which also offer stunning views. However you have to overcome some rough and steep terrain.

B. Take an unforgettable Yangtze River Cruise Tour

You should take a cruise down the Yangtze River if you want to see some of the most majestic natural landscapes in China. You have a choice of cruising from Chongqing to Yichang. You will be treated to a plethora of wonderful scenery that you will not soon forget after your cruise. A Yangtze River cruise tour will not be complete without passing by the Three Gorges, which are appreciated not only for their aesthetic beauty, but also for their historical, cultural and religious background. The Three Gorges Dam is also a prominent sight that you cannot miss. To truly appreciate the Yangtze River, it is recommended that you also learn about its culture. One such opportunity would be the International Tourist Festival of Three Gorges in Chongqing in the month of June, which will be an educational and entertaining experience for visitors with its trade talks, folk art displays and performances.

C. Shanghai Tour – embrace history and modernity of China

If you want to experience urban life while having easy access to cultural and historical sites, Shanghai is the place for you. You will be impressed with the city’s eclectic blend of history and modernity, especially if you visit the following popular sights below. Showcasing the pinnacle of modern developments in the city, the Pudong area is home to two of the most impressive modern structures that you will ever see – the Oriental TV Tower and the Jinmao Tower. To revisit the city’s colourful past, what better place to tour than The Bund? Situated along the city’s waterfront, you will be fascinated by the famous row of colonial buildings which are ample reminders of a bygone era. To immerse yourself in a calm and relaxing atmosphere while admiring ancient architecture and relics, I recommend a visit to the Jade Buddha Temple. Here, you can marvel at the beauty of some notable relics including a collection of the finest jade Buddha statues.

China Flavour

What do you think when you picture China Tour? Now over though the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai Expo, China will revert to its complex mix of ancient tradition, modern competitive market, sophisticated cities and rural simplicity. A gourmet tour to China travels through the whole mix of culture via the diverse flavours of a country that few westerners really know.

An enormous country like China has a huge range of culinary traditions:

Beijing lies in the northern part of China where the staple crop is wheat and they have many more dishes based on noodles, pancakes and dumplings, instead of the rice favoured in the south. If you want to taste the genuine flavours of Beijing duck, there’s no  better place to sample it than Beijing itself. A bustling city that still retains its traditional tea houses among all the sophisticated big city modernity, Beijing is also ideally placed to visit the Great Wall of China, where you could lunch on delicious traditional dishes in the shadow of this ancient wonder of the world.

Eastern China combines both these staples and is often characterised by its use of sugar to sweeten dishes as well as being famed for its red-cooking, using soy sauce to simmer meat slowly, until it takes on a reddish tinge. In a chic city like Shanghai, you can experience the most modern innovative cuisine drawing on the wealth of traditions China offers. Traditional tea ceremonies offer a glimpse into the elaborate rituals of a formal culture, where beauty and elegance are integrated into every move.To get a feel of the old China, a visit to some of the historic rural towns outside Shanghai is essential to introduce you to the world of tea houses, canals and gardens that still delight the eye and the palate.

A Cantonese seafood meal, where diners select their meal from an aquarium to ensure that their meal is as fresh as it can be is not to be missed. As well as Cantonese cuisine from southern China, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients cooked quickly in a stir fry, be sure to try the spicier Sichuan style of cooking that originated in the mountainous province of the same name. Relaxed food opportunities, such as sampling street nibbles in neighbourhood markets contrast with more formal meals at restaurants rated high in the international gourmet world.

A wealth of cuisines and traditions to explore makes a fascinating China tour. China Tour of gourmet experience will leave you relaxed, revitalised and full of new flavour!

Tibetan Funeral Custom

Any Tibetan festival you meet in Tibet will make your Tibet tour more exciting. One of the Tibetan festival is the Funeral Custom. The Tibetan funeral is imbued with Buddhist belief in reincarnation. It is a ceremony to expiate the sins of the dead and a guarantee for the future life of the dead. Tibetans are not afraid of death. They believe that death does not terminate a life, but indicates rebirth. Generally, funeral rituals practiced in Tibet are stupa burial, sky burial, cremation, water burial, and internment. Cliff burial and tree burial are also practiced occasionally.

Sky Burial is considered to be the dominant funeral custom in Tibet. The body is laid out in the open on the rocky terrain and meticulously skinned and dissected. The bones are crushed and mixed with tsampa. Vultures sweep down upon bloody remains and rip into the human flesh. As the bones are polished by the satisfied birds, the remains are gathered and burnt in a ceremonial fire. Tibetans believe that the majestic birds are competent for bringing the souls up to heaven.

Stupa Burial is the noblest funeral ritual in Tibet, which is reserved for Dalai Lama , Panchen Lama and Living Buddha.

Cremation is reserved for high monks and aristocrats. It is also used for commoners in the southeast of Tibet where trees are abundant.

Water Burial is considered an inferior way to dispose of those with low social status. In water burial, the corpse is wrapped with white cloth and disposed into a river.

Inhumation now is rarely practiced. It is reserved for those who died of infectious diseases or unnatural causes such as murder or accidents. According to Tibetans, these bodies are not clean enough to be presented to the vultures.

Cliff Burial is practiced in southern Tibet. The embalmed corpse is placed in a wooden box. The box is then placed in the cave off a cliff.

Tree Burial is for children, commonly practiced in Nyingchi. The corpse of the child is placed in a wooden case and hung on a tree in a remote forest.

Tibet Train Tour

Today, Tibet has become one of the most desired vacation destinations as more of this mysterious place is being discovered. If you have never considered Tibet as a vacation destination you are missing out on one of the most exquisite and breathtaking places in the world. Tibet travelling might be a remote dream in the past. The poor accessibility and appalling high altitude made many people hesitate to stop on this mysterious and enchanting land. Today tourists can not only choose to take flights or cars into and out of Tibet, but a new means-train available. And believe it or not, Tibet Train Travel is the best way to travel Tibet!

The famous Qinghai-Tibet railway made this travel available. Although taking the train to Tibet takes much longer than a plane flight, you can enjoy the amazing scenery and landscapes which Tibet has to offer. The Qinghai-Tibet railway is one of the highest railways in the world; the tracks are 4000 meters above sea level. For those from the rest of the world thinking of traveling to Tibet, this train tour is an option for you in your China tour. A great way to plan a successful train trip through Tibet is to schedule your plane flight to land in Lhasa and then from there take the train to your next destination. Or you can just take a Lhasa tour there.Since there are many famous attractions in Lhasa such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Norbulingka Park. As Tibet is growing in the field of tourism you will find many typical local Tibet hotels, restaurants and Tibet entertainment.

Tibet tour with train is a very affordable option for anyone looking to explore its mysterious and beautiful place with minimum stress. Although there still are some places this new railway system does not reach, it is a work in progress and one of the best transportation options Tibet has seen in a long time. Travel Tibet today and experience its beauty, mystery and culture first hand on this romantic train ride.

Beijing Tour

Beijing is so amazing a city with so many awesome attractions such as world famous Great wall,spectacular Forbidden City,beautiful Summer palace,solemn Temple of heaven and so on.That would be a great pity if you have never been to or not intend to the mysterious oriental country -China.And alike,that is a more great pity if you consider visiting China without Beijing.As a professional tour operater in Beijing even in China ,we will no-doubtly provide you a perfect Beijing tour and unforgotten Chinese culture . Additionally,we could serve you a tailor-made itinerary as your request. What are you waiting for ?Come on !just join in!

Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck, or Peking Duck, one of the most famous and delicious food in Beijing, is deemed to be one of the important things that must be experienced in any trip to Beijing. The duck is a variety of ducks that has been specially bred and fattened in the suburb areas of Beijing. After being drawn and cleaned, it will be pumped with air under the skin of the duck to ensure it is separated from the flesh. Then a special sauce is coated over the duck, so that it will appear as if painted a brilliant red when it is cooking, with the nickname “lacquered duck”.And it will look brilliantly dark red, shining with oil and with crisp skin and tender meat. Because of its nice appearance, few people could resist the temptation of it. The history of the Beijing Roast Duck can be traced back to as early as the Yuan Dynasty (1206- 1368) when it was listed among the imperial dishes in the Complete Recipes for Dishes and Beverages.

During the Qianlong period (1736-1796), roast duck was a favorite delicacy of the upper classes. According to Recipes from the Suiyuan Garden, the famous cookbook written by the poet and gourmet Yuan Mei, ” Beijing Roast Duck is prepared by revolving a young duckling on a spit in an oven. The chefs of Inspector Feng’s family excel in preparing this dish.” Other scholars, after dining on roast duck, were inspired to poetry. In one collection of old Beijing rhymes (Duan Zhuzhici) one of the poems reads: “Fill your plates with roast duck and suckling pig.” To satisfy the growing demand for roast duck and with an eye on the profits to be made from a good name, many restaurants opened from a good name,

many restaurants opened under the Bianyifang name. In fact, in 1926, nine roast duck restaurants in Beijing carried this name. In the late 1960s the Bianyifang Restaurant’s name was changed to the Chongwenmen Roast Duck Restaurant, but in 1979 it resumed its former title. Its menu includes more than 20 traditional duck dishes, including the Four Delicacies: wing and web, liver, heart and pancreas. Today, Beijing Roast Duck is well received by people from both home and abroad. Knowing the history of the dish, we will enjoy it with another motion, not only enjoy its taste but also its history and culture.

Beijing Coach/Bus Tour

Beijing, as the capital of China, one city your can not miss in your China tour shedule. Especially in recent years, more and more people around the world come to visit China,Beijing. Many people who travel alone would like to find some one and join in a group to share the whole cost. So, Group tours like Beijing Small group tour and Tibet Join in tour are very popular. Actually, coach tours are not only suitable for single tourists, but also for people looking for a cheaper way of sightseeing in Beijing. Beijing seat in coach tour or Beijing Join in Bus tour means individual tourists take part in a small group in the same coach and you are entitled to better prices than private tours for the same scenic spots. The cost of Beijing seat in coach tour is considerably cheaper than a private tour.

No matter where you are, a shared bus will go to pick up the passengers from various hotels in Beijing in the morning, then go to visit the major tourist spots together. After the tour, you will be transferred back to your own hotel at the end of the day. Groups are kept in a air-conditioned and comfortable coach with licensed Beijing tour guides who will stay with you the entire time and give you the history of each Beijing attraction or landmark. It is not as flexible as a private tour, but joining in a small group can bring you more fun by sharing your experience with different tourists from all over the world. Below are the most popular Join in tour in Beijing. Hope that can be helpful. All the 1-Day Group tours start daily which is convenient to all.

1-Day Beijing Badaling Greal Wall Coach Tour which focus on Badaling Great Wall and Ming Tombs.

1-Day Beijing Highlight Coach Tour which focus on Tiananmen, Forbidden City, Great Wall. This tour is for people hasn’t enough time in Beijing but want to experience the most essence part.

1-Day Beijing Popular Coach Tour which forcus on convenient transportation to visit Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of heaven.

1-Day Beijing Culture Coach Tour which focus on the the Hutong culture of Beijing. You can also experience the Lama Temple, the Panda House. Olympic Park (outside view of Bird’s Nest and Water Cube).

1-Day Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall Coach Tour which focus on Mutianyu section Great Wall and Ming Tomb.

Tianjin Xingang Port(Cruise Diamond Princess)-Beijing Transfer

Tianjin International Cruise Home Port also knowned as Xingang Port or Tianjing port. The International Cruise Home Port aims to turn Tianjin Port into a leading destination for international cruise ships as well as a home port for luxury international liners. It hold 40 international cruise ships, bringing 300,000 international tourists to Tianjin and Beijing, China.

Xingang Port has been the Asia cruise itinerary’s homeport of the world’s leading Diamond Princess, Costa Cruise, Royal Caribbean International Cruises, Azamara Quest, SS Volendam, Ocean Princess, Sapphire Princess, Oceania Nautica, Costa Classica, and Arcadia. Did you just disembark from the cruise ship, and look for the Xingang Port to Beijing  pick up service, here is the right place for you. is a reliable online tour operator with rich experience in offering the Tianjin Port transfer service as well asTianjin Port-Beijing Tours. Do not hesitate to contact us for your Tianjin International Cruise Home Port (Xingang) Pick up. Right now, both coach transfer and private car transfer are available from Tianjin Xingang Port to Beijing transfer for Cruise Diamond Princess. Start your Beijing tours from Tianjin Port (Xingang) here!

Beijing Cooking Learning Tour

Chinese Cuisine is famous in the world for its various styles and distinct flavours. The diversity of the country's climate, products and customs results in the widely different food styles and tastes in local regions. Chinese cuisine enjoys worldwide recognition due to its sheer abundance. Each part of the country has developed its own unique manner of cooking, but generally Chinese food can be divided into eight regional cuisines. Cantonese Cuisine, is the type of Chinese cooking most familiar to Westerners, it is noted for its clean, light and crisp tastes, and its use of fowl and other meats to produce it's signature dishes.

Due to China's vast size and ethnic diversity, a wide variety of styles of cooking have developed, with distinct and mouthwatering flavours. Sichuan Cuisine is characterized by its spicy flavours and rich aroma. Chef's specializing in Anhui Cuisine focus much more attention on the use and affect of temperature in cooking and are noted for their skill at braising and stewing. Jiangsu Cuisine, also known as Huaiyang Cuisine, is popular in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Zhejiang Cuisine is a blend of the local cuisines of Hanzhou, Ningbo, and Shaoxing, and is noted for not being greasy.

Hunan cuisine consists of the local cuisines of the Xiangjiang Region, Dongting Lake and the Xiangxi coteau area. Fujian Cuisine is a combination of Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen Cuisine.  It is renowned for it's use of seafood, the dishes beautiful colour and the subtle and delicious combinations of sweet, sour, salt and savory tastes. In modern times, Beijing cuisine and Shanghai cuisine on occasion are also cited along with the classical eight regional styles as the Ten Great Traditions. There are also featured Chinese Buddhist cuisine and Muslim sub-cuisines within the greater Chinese cuisine.

We have provided Beijing Cooking Learning Tour for tourists who are interested in Chinese cuisine. This is one of the most interesting tours in Beijing. The cooking classes are attractive not only for oversea travelers but also for domestic people in China.  More information of Beijing Cooking Learning Tour isi at!

Tip standard when travelling China

Nowadays, more and more people come to travel China with the promoting of this country’s international state.
Before starting their China tour, people will take these things into consideration as below:
1. Which cities should be included in your tour schedule, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shangrila, Shanghai, HK or Tibet?
2. What's the weather in the period during your stay in China, what kind of clothes you should prepare for?
3. Do you need to give tips to the tour guide and the driver, if to, what's the standard of the tips? How much you should offer?
4. Hereby, I will share some the tips information to the service staffs when you travelling in China.
Of course, according to established regulation, tourists should give tips to people who serves you and the amount is depend to you, also depend their service quality. Usually, the standard of tips are supposed to be USD45/Day/Guide, USD20/Day/Driver. To be honest, giving tips to the guide and the driver is a way to show respect to them, the recognition of their work. They don’t care very much the amount you give them, but the attitude you towards to them.
Hope this article can be helpful for people planning to travel China.

Tibet Travel Guide

Tibet Travel Guide is dedicated to provide the general information you want to know about Tibet. These Tibet regional guide will enrich your knowledge about different parts of this holy land. At the same time, here you can find detailed information about the featured travel attractions such as Potala Palace and Mt.Everest. As most Tibet travel guide books say, it takes a year or even a lifetime to explore this pure paradise. As soon as you step onto this mysterious land and follow the tracks of the pilgrims, you will not only be immediately attracted by the snow-clad peaks, the wonderful mountains and rivers, but also the brilliant Tibetan culture and the unique, mysterious customs of the highland. Tibet travel is famous for its imposing scenery, culture and history, which firmly rooted in Tibetan religion. Hope Tibet Travel Guide will benefit when you planning your Tibet trip/tour. Below is the 7 regions of Tibet. Click them for the details.

Lhasa Travel Guide, Shigatse Travel Guide, Nyingchi Travel Guide

Lhokha Travel Guide, Ngari Travel Guide, Chamdo Travel Guide

Nagqu Travel Guide

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Tips standard/advice when travelling China

Nowadays, more and more people come to travel China with the promoting of this country’s international state.
Before starting their China tour, people will take these things into consideration as below:
1. Which cities should be included in your tour schedule, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shangrila, Shanghai, HK or Tibet?
2. What's the weather in the period during your stay in China, what kind of clothes you should prepare for?
3. Do you need to give tips to the tour guide and the driver, if to, what's the standard of the tips? How much you should offer?
4. Hereby, I will share some the tips information to the service staffs when you travelling in China.
Of course, according to established regulation, tourists should give tips to people who serves you and the amount is depend to you, also depend their service quality. Usually, the standard of tips are supposed to be USD45/Day/Guide, USD20/Day/Driver. To be honest, giving tips to the guide and the driver is a way to show respect to them, the recognition of their work. They don’t care very much the amount you give them, but the attitude you towards to them.
Hope this article can be helpful for people planning to travel China.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tibet Hiking Trips

Tibet travel become more and more popular in recent years. Various Tibet tour come forth to meet different people’s demand. Popular Tibet tours are Tibet train tour, Tibet flight tour, Tibet budget group tour/ Tibet Join in tour/ Tibet coach in seat tour, Tibet trekking tour. One can choose any kind of tour they like. Hereby, I would like to give an introduction of Tibet Hiking travel. Maybe it is helpful for those backpackers like the adventurous travel.

Tibet Trekking Tour is a hiking trip to its famous mountains and lakes,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Traditional Chinese Spring Festival

Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is the most important festival in China. The passed 2011 Chinese New Yea starts in February 3 and ends with Lantern Festival which is on the 15th day of the first luner month. This year is the rabbit year according to China zodiac/ Chinese Calender. During the Festival, Chinese people go to visit friends and relatives and give New year greetings to each other. The lucky money will be given to children to bring them good luck.. Various cultural activities such as Fireworks, Dragon and Lion Dancing, paying New Year visits, pasting Spring Festival scrolls, the character 'Fu', paper-cuts pictures and other traditional performances will be held.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

China Travel Tips

China Travel Tips are essential information and general ideas for you to get before you come to travel China. In this column, we provide practical travel tips and useful tour advice that you can look at when you plan your China tour. We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked traveling questions in the following, including which kind of clothes should i take, how much tip i have to pay the guide and driver, how is the Medical service there and what if i travel with the child and disabled? We hope answers below will be helpful and you will enjoy your stay in China.

China Travel Clothing Advice, China Tour Tipping Advice, Medical Service, Travel with Children

Transferred by

Friday, January 21, 2011

Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital Airport is the the gateway into Beijing. You will start your Beijing tour or China travel here. It is very convenient to transfer to your hotels in Beijing and travel attractions such as Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace,etc.

When you get off your flight, you may get surprised about the large terminal. That is terminal 3. There are totally 3 terminals in Beijing Capital international Airport. It was first built in the year of 1958. The terminal 1 and terminal 2 were built in 1980 and 1999 respectively.

China Region

China is the third largest country in the word just after Russia and Canada, with a huge population of 1.3 billion. It was divided into 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 Municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing), and 2 special zones (Hong Kong and Macau). With more than 5000 years brilliant history, China is the cultural treasure house of East Asia. The most popular tourist destinations in China tours are: Beijing tour, Xian tour, Shanghai tour, Guilin tour, Chengdu tour, Kunming tour, Shangri-la tour, Tibet tour, and Hong Kong tour.

China has 33 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Great wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Army in Xian is world famous. Chinese food ranks among the world's great cuisines. From acrobatics to martial arts, calligraphy to Chinese opera, the distinctive China culture of this land is everywhere to be seen.

China History

Before your travel China, you'd better to know something like China history and Chinese Culture, I am sure that will make your China travel more convenient and make you better learn Chinese people. Well, it's known to all that China has a long history, as long as 5000 years. Now, I will give a bief introduction about China history. Hope that will be helpful.

Emperor Huang (Huangdi) is regarded as our Chinese people’s ancestor. He defeated the leader of the other tribe, Emperor Yan, and established the first country in China. So we Chinese often say ourselves: descendents of Yan and Huang.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tibetan Taboo And Custom

Every ethnic minority has their special cultures and living-habits. Tibetans is an old and passionate ethnic minority. During the long history, Tibetans have formed their own customs and taboos. With unique culture and religion, Tibetans have different ways of behavior in many aspects. It will be good for you to know these taboos before your Tibet tour. The following advices might help you have a nice trip in Tibet:

Tibetan Customs and Taboos Related to Daily Life:

(A) Tibetan people do not eat horse, dog and donkey meat and also do not eat fish in some areas, so please respect their diet habits.
(B) Eagles are the sacred birds in Tibetan culture. You should not drive them away or injure them. Do not relieve yourself near any cattle pens, horse stables, or sheepfolds. On the outskirts, and do not drive or disturb the sheep or cows with red, green or yellow cloth strips on because these animals are the Tibetan sacrifice to worship gods.
(C) It is impolite to spit in front of or behind others or clapping hands behind others.
(D) Do not throw any bones into fire. Do not touch other's head by hand. Do not use paper with Tibetan characters as tissue to wipe off mess with the paper.

(E) Remember not to step on the threshold when entering the tent or house.
(F) Please add "La" behind the name when you call someday to express respect.
(G) If you are asked to sit down, please cross your legs, do not stretch your legs forward and face your sole to others.
(H) In the tent, men sit on the left side, and women on the right side.
(I) You should accept the gift with both hands. While presenting the gift you should bend your body forward and hold the gift higher than your head with both hands.
(J) When the host presents you a cup of wine; you should dip your ring finger in the wine and flick the wine into the sky, in the air and to the ground respectively to express your respects to the heaven, the earth and the ancestors before sipping the wine. The host will fill the cup, and you take a sip of the wine again. After the host fills your cup for the forth time, you have to bottom it up.
(K) Please keep quiet on the top of mountains. It is believed that loud noise will result in heavy snow, storms or hail.

Customs and Taboos Related to Religion:

(A) A monastery cannot be entered without permission.
(B) Once inside a monastery, don't smoke or take photos; do not touch, walk over or sit on any religious texts, objects or prayer flags in monasteries.
(C) Don't wear shorts or short skirts in a monastery. Take your hat off when you go into a monastery.
(D) Walk clockwise around a monastery, mani stones, pagodas, or other religious structures. Prayer wheels should also be turned clockwise.
(E) Keep quiet during religious ceremonies in the monastery.
(F) When meeting a lama, it is not appropriate to hug him or shake hands with him. The proper way is to hold the two hands upright, palms together in front of the chest, and lower the head. Don't talk with them on sensitive topics, such as marriage and the eating of meat.

With the fast developing tourism, the above rules are not obeyed as strictly as before. But it will be good for you to follow the advice during you travel in Tibet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tibet Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street,located in the old area of Lhasa City, Tibet, is a very ancient round street surrounding the Jokhang Temple and the Tibetan people are always proud of it. As a symbol of Lhasa, this street is also a must-see place tourists in your Tibet tour. There is more to Barkhor Street than just a place for pilgrims to walk. Barkhor Street, often called the "Window of Tibet" is famous for as a distributing center of Tibetan Handicrafts.

Even today there still many pilgrims hold the prayer wheels to walk clockwise there from dawn to dark. Some of them are teenagers or have experienced thousands of miles' walk to reach this sacred place. The way they express their piety make you understand the holiness of Tibetan religion.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Season For Tibet Travel

The climate in highland Tibet belongs to the typical downy special climate. Climates are much diverse in different areas and temperatures vary greatly within a single day. Generally speaking, it is suitable to travel Tibet from Apr. to the early Nov.. Except this period, the temperatures start to plummet. The peak season for Tibet travel is from May to Sep. and the best months are May, Jun., Sep. and Oct. as Jul. and Aug. are rainy months. But different areas have their own golden times:
(A) In Lhasa and the central part of Tibet, the climate is normal and nice for traveling. So if you only plan a Lhasa tour,

Tibet Travel -Tips For Photography Lovers

Tibet trip is regarded as a must to do in one’s lifetime. Tibet is famous not only for its religion culture but also for its awesome scenery. Thus it become a Photography destination besides the Buddhism pilgrim palace-Potala Palace. Tibet tour is somekind of venture due to its high altitude, and not everyone is suitable to travel there. Especially for Photography lovers who want to take the most beautiful pictures there. Here are some valuable tips for you:

(A) Due to the extreme temperature and harsh climate in Tibet, photographers need to take an essential technical precaution to protect their

Friday, January 14, 2011

Things Have To Know Before Travelling Tibet

Tibet Tour is full of mysterious and unique culture, attracting all the guests from the world coming to join. It is one of the most adventurous, scenically stunning and physically demanding tours in the world. Touring Tibet, meeting it's people, learning about its culture, visiting the majestic Potala Palace and beautiful Norbulingka Park, or trekking up to the Mt. Everest Base camp…all of these items made Tibet travel as one of dreams in one’s life. However, not everyone has the chance to fulfill their dreams.

The first and the most important obstacle is the Mountain Sickness. Acute Mountain Sickness is an illness that can affect mountain climbers, hikers,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things To Do In Tibet

Tibet tour is regarded as a must do thing in one’s tour schedule. Tibet is famous for as the holy pilgrim destination for Buddhism and for the unique beautiful scenery. Despite the venture of Mountain Sickness, tourists never stop there Tibet tour.
Don’t worry about what to do in Tibet.
Do the Pray. Since it is the holy destination of the Buddhism, just do the pray whatever your belief is Buddhism or not. You will not miss the masterpiece of Tibet Monastery: the Potala Palace, Jokhang, Tashilunpo Monastery and Sakya Monastery.

Tibet Discovery

It is true that any China tours without Tibet tour is incomplete.
Tibet Autonomous Region is located in the southwest China, the main part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.Famous for the "Roof of the World", the Tibet has an average elevation of more than 4,000 meters with various complex landforms, such as: high and steep mountains, deep valleys, glaciers, bare rocks and Gobi deserts.
Tibet can be divided into three major parts - north, south and east. The eastern part is forest region, Virgin forests run the entire breadth and length of this
The population is 2.3 million, 92.2% of whom are Tibetans. Besides Tibetans, it also has other ethnic groups, such as: Han, Hui, Monba, Lhoba and Enditem. The region is administratively divided into one municipality and six prefectures. The municipality is Lhasa, while the six prefectures are Shigatse, Ngari, Lhaoka, Chamdo, Nakchu and Nyingtri (kongpo). The People's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region exercises the highest administrative authority in Tibet.
With the strong influence from the geography of the Himalayas, and the neighboring civilizations of India and China, Tibet is famous for its imposing scenery, culture and history, which firmly rooted in Tibetan religion. As soon as you step onto this mysterious land and follow the tracks of the pilgrims, you will not only be immediately attracted by the snow-clad peaks, the wonderful mountains and rivers, but also the brilliant Tibetan culture and the unique, mysterious customs of the highland.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

China Tour-Beijing Station

Beijing, the capital of China, has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Having served as the capital of the country for more than 800 years, Beijing is the nation's political, cultural, scientific, international trade and communication center as well as a key transportation hub. The long history and profound culture have endowed Beijing with incomparable charm. Beijing, a fascinating mixture of old and new, is so attractive for travelers with many must-see places of historic interest and scenic beauty.  

The Forbidden City was the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911), the largest and the most magnificent and splendid intact palace complex in the world. As one of five world-famous palaces, it shares the honor with the Palace of Versailles in France, The Great Wall of China is one of the largest defensive projects ever constructed and a symbol of Chinese civilization. This impressive wonder has witnessed the up and down of the earth, yet still remaining in the world.The Summer Palace is the largest and most famous imperial garden in China. The natural landscape of hills and open water is combined with artificial features such as pavilions, halls, palaces, temples and bridges to form a harmonious ensemble of outstanding aesthetic value.The Temple of Heaven was built in 1420 AD Ming Dynasty and enlarged in the Qing Dynasty, three times larger than the Forbidden City. The temple was for emperors of the two dynasties to worship heaven and pray for rich harvest.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

China Visa

China Visa is a permit issued by Chinese visa authorities to non-Chinese citizens for entry into, exit from and transit through China. American citizens and citizens of most countries are required to obtain a China visa before entering China. There are eight categories of ordinary Chinese visas, which are respectively marked with the letters C, D, F, G, J-1, J-2, L, X and Z. is engaged in various kinds of China Visa and China Tours. With the excellent quality and competitive price, We are ready here to provide anything you need.

Below are the types of China Visa.

China Tourist Visa or L visa: it is the most popular type of Chinese visa, issued to those who visit China for tourist purposes, family visit or other personal matters.

China world Cultural Heritage List

China has 40 world Cultural heritage, ranking third in the world. Among the 40 of them, 28 are cultural heritage sites, 7 are natural heritage sites, and 4 are cultural and natural (mixed) sites. These sites comprise the most essential parts of China tours. And Beijing ranks the first in the world with six of world cultural heritage-the Ming Tombs, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, and the Peking Man site. Besides, China has a rich non-material cultural heritage, which several of them are inscribed on UNESCO's list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Here are some other famous World Cultural Heritage Sites in China.

Terra-cotta warriors-Burial tombs in Xian, Shaanxi
Mogao Caves-Dunhuang,Gansu Province
Mt. Taishan, Shandong Province
Mt. Huangshan,Anhui Province
Huanglong, Sichuan Province