Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Silk Road

Put Silk Road Tour on your travel list, you will find a totally different experience in China. The Silk Road is a collection of several ancient trade routes that linked Roman Empire in the west with the imperial court of China in the East. Before the discovery of the sea route to India, the Silk Road was the most important connection between the Orient and the West which still remains its charm to people. The routes played a vital role in the development of the great civilizations of China and other nearby countries, and helped shape the foundations for the modern world. When you are planning to travel there, a guide to the history of the Silk Road is needed, which will make your understanding of its culture and significants deeper.
The ancient route started at Luoyang and Xi'an, the capitals of Tang Dynasty, reached the Yellow River at Lanzhou, then skirted westward through the Hexi Corridor along with deserts and mountains before reach the oasis of Dunhuang, finally headed to Xinjiang crossing Turpan, Hotan, Yarkand, and Kashgar. Walking through Xinjiang, brave ancient merchants and traveler could go eastward continuously until they arrive at Rome. For hundreds of years the dusty caravan roads were traveled by merchants: silk was carried westward, while wool, gold, silver exotic birds and animals were carried eastward.
With the fall of Rome, the route became unsafe. The Silk Road experienced its last great era during the period of Mongols (Yuan dynasty of China), when the entire route from China to the Mediterranean was part of one empire. At that time, Nicolo and Marco Polo traveled from Kashgar to the Far East along the southern route. The overland link quickly lost its importance as trade across the seas developed. Today, Silk Road has lost its oringinal function, but become a popular destination for many adventurous travellers following in the footsteps of Marco Polo. What are you waiting for? Come and travel along the Silk Road to enjoy the the historical culture relics, beautiful scenery, and the wonderful treatment of visitors and the tradition of Muslim hospitality.
It is such a tour with the history of the silk road and the history of China. Taking this tour is a China Tour cross different province of China.
You can see lots of part of China and different view of it, such as grassland in Mogol, Lake in Xingjiang, Desert in Gansu province. You can see museums, buddha caves and ice mountains. Conbine with Beijing Tour will be more interested for you to see not only the olden part of China but also the modern one. Is this interested to visit the new capital of China?

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