Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tibet Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street,located in the old area of Lhasa City, Tibet, is a very ancient round street surrounding the Jokhang Temple and the Tibetan people are always proud of it. As a symbol of Lhasa, this street is also a must-see place tourists in your Tibet tour. There is more to Barkhor Street than just a place for pilgrims to walk. Barkhor Street, often called the "Window of Tibet" is famous for as a distributing center of Tibetan Handicrafts.

Even today there still many pilgrims hold the prayer wheels to walk clockwise there from dawn to dark. Some of them are teenagers or have experienced thousands of miles' walk to reach this sacred place. The way they express their piety make you understand the holiness of Tibetan religion.
Varied shops stand on both sides of the street and thousands of floating stands are on every corner. Most of them offer Tibetan Handicrafts like the prayer wheels, long-sleeve 'chuba' (the Tibetan people's traditional clothes), Tibetan knives and some religious articles. Furthermore, some shops sell 'Thangka' (the Tibetan scroll painting), which is a unique art of Tibet with the themes of religion, history, literature, science and customs. Surprisingly, there are some articles from India and Nepal in this street as well.

To sum up, Barkhor Street is a place full of religious atmosphere and a world of exotic articles. Any Tibet travel without Barkhor Street is incomplete. Believe your eyes, and you will get a lot of surprise there.

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