Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tibet Travel -Tips For Photography Lovers

Tibet trip is regarded as a must to do in one’s lifetime. Tibet is famous not only for its religion culture but also for its awesome scenery. Thus it become a Photography destination besides the Buddhism pilgrim palace-Potala Palace. Tibet tour is somekind of venture due to its high altitude, and not everyone is suitable to travel there. Especially for Photography lovers who want to take the most beautiful pictures there. Here are some valuable tips for you:

(A) Due to the extreme temperature and harsh climate in Tibet, photographers need to take an essential technical precaution to protect their
camera and video camera and do not let them insolate under the sunshine.

(B) If it is possible, you can take a small tabled-tripod and photoflash lamp with you, which can bring you more convenient for your photography there.

(C) Try to take more films and batteries. The low-temperature there will greatly shorten the duration of the batteries. And you'd better not buy the films in Tibet, especially in those remote areas, just in case buying some fake films.

(D) Photographing in the monasteries is usually allowed, please remember to ask the lama for the permit; but, it is prohibited to take pictures inside the chapels or it will charge an extremely high rate to take photos there. However, Drepung Monastery permits the inside photography without any charge.

(E) Respect the local people who take pictures with you and do not disturb them. If it is necessary, you can give them a little presents, which is much better than money.

(F) During Lhasa tour, maybe some avaricious people ask for money when you photograph in public area. You can refuse to pay the money directly.

Avoid yourself getting in trouble in Tibet and keep healthy, that is the most important thing in Tibet travel. More Tibet travel advice at

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